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Support us by shopping at your favourite retailers!

Help us reach our fundraising goal by shopping through FlipGive!

Have you heard of the new fundraising tool called FlipGive?

Give it a try, and raise money for REBEL ROWING. Signing up is FREE AND EASY. When you purchase anything at these stores (REBEL ROWING gets cash back!). Instructions and links are below.

FlipGive is a website that has partnerships with major retailers including various grocery stores, Esso gas stations, Walmart, Nike, Under Armour, Tim Horton’s , Sport Chek, Hudson’s Bay (and MANY more) that provide free kickback donations to REBEL ROWING for purchases made through the FlipGive platform.

Depending on the retailer, you can purchase an e-gift card to use in store or online, or can click on the retailer on FlipGive and be directed to their normal online store to make purchases while receiving the kickback. For example, Under Armour offers an 8% kickback and Esso offers 3%. If you purchase a $100 Esso e-gift card, REBEL ROWING gets a kickback donation of $3 just for purchasing something you were going to spend money on anyway. This may seem small, but it will add up quickly with large community involvement!

The goal is to have the community make whatever regular purchases they can through FlipGive so REBEL ROWING receives the free kickback donations. Buying Esso e-gift cards for gas purchases, Sobey’s gift cards for grocery purchases… it all adds up for REBEL ROWING!

The FlipGive app is a great way to store and use e-gift cards and to find which retailers are partnered with FlipGive nearby.

Go to https://www.flipgive.com/

Join the REBEL ROWING Team! Join code is VMXCD7.

Create an account using only your name, email and password (it’s free!)

Shop through FlipGive to earn money back for REBEL ROWING on purchases you’d make anyways! Essentially, contributing and supporting REBEL ROWING as you shop!

Share the link with others that you know, so they can shop and support REBEL ROWING too.

Additionally, you can go to https://www.flipgive.com/teams/146548?fundraiser_id=714392 and shop directly!

Happy FlipGive shopping!